Together we fight and together we grow.

We will not go quietly into the night!

Giants are real, and they are coming.

The biggest 500 Giant global corporations are growing in size and Value by 19% YOY.

Meanwhile, small to mid-sized operations, large family-owned businesses, and even regional players are disappearing at 23% per year.

Survival means knowing how to transform yourself, and your organisation, to Fight back.

Fighting Giants Is A Way Of Thinking, A Set Of Skills And A Like-Minded Community, Striving To Grow Ourselves And Our Businesses. Battling Not Just The Global Giant Corporations, But Also Our Self-Limiting Habits, Assumptions And Practices

This is Fighting Giants

Fighting Giants draws on 75 frank interviews with senior players inside the Giants, plus insights from local companies and family businesses.

It combines learnings from best and worst practices, robust data, latest research and 40 years of hands-on experience from inside the Giants, and winning battles against them. It is pragmatic and actionable

What Fighting Giants delivers

Fighting Giants makes you strongest in exactly the areas the Giants are weakest.

Free yourself from corporate red tape and process
Innovate effectively, and quickly reconnect with consumer Motivate and inspire local teams behind visions and goals Be the catalyst for change

Fighting Giants is more than a book. It’s inspiring teams. It’s an online resource. It’s a like-minded community. It is a movement.

100 senior business leaders join the Fighting Giants event in Bangkok

What We Deliver

Our simple 6 Module framework, for uses on what we know
works, and ditches all the bullshit.

It’s proven and pragmatic stage













The Founders

George is the archetypal Fighter.

George lives the Fighting Giants principles and those principles have delivered results. Engaging with customers, inspiring teams, driving innovation, and step-changing communication. He leads from the front and isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty.

As COO of GQ he has transformed a medium-sized, family-led business into a regional powerhouse. Growing market share, entering new categories, attracting new customers and pushing back the incursion of global fast fashion brands into Thailand. George is the validation of the Fighting Giants approach and its secret weapon.

Steve is from the world of Giants

For over 20 years Steve helped some of the world’s biggest companies develop and launch new products, enter new markets, hook more customers, and dominate additional categories.

As a senior player within the world’s leading agencies, Steve’s client list includes businesses such as Unilever, Lufthansa, AMEX, Nestle, Coca-Cola and LVMH.

A writer, author, sought-after speaker and media expert, Steve now leverages the skills and experience he developed with the Giants, to step change the performance of Fighter brands and businesses.
Together George and Steve possess a unique blend of experience and skills. A powerful combination of theory, experience and ‘can do’ advice.

Their vision is to enable more small and medium, sized, family and independent businesses to survive and thrive in the 21st century

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What Fighters are Saying

Have you ever wondered how to compete with Giants in your industry? Fighting Gina’s makes you strongest in exactly the areas Giants are weakest

Ms Sirintra Jittrawing

A 1/2 day session with Fighting Giants has reignited my passion

John Paul (CEO)

People like us, need this

Max Tan

What a great experience, listening to Steve and George talk about the vision for the Fighting Giants Community

Mayank Singh

Within the size of the multination we find the seeds of their downfall. Fighting Giants identifies these weaknesses

Jonathan Daly

Valuable insight

Ambassador Karsten Warneke

Book Available in 2024

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